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A website designed by a player for a player

Living in the bay area and being a guy that likes to gamble, my friends were always asking me info on the best card houses or local Indian Casinos. We would sit around the poker table and talk about fun places to visit and where we like to play on line. Some guys would talk about on line sport betting and others on line poker. We often talk about our favorite sites and poker tournaments to play. We would spend half the day talking to each other about the latest tripahata, party poker, or a visit to Garden City.

After looking online, I realized there weren’t any gambling sites where people can talk about gambling for Northern California; share ideas, get directions, all at one place for their Nor Cal gambling questions. So here it is…A website designed by a player for the player. Please let me know what you think and what more you’d like to see.

I look forward to seeing you all; in a card house, Indian Casino, on line, or at Mike’s house.

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